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Localization services will guarantee your translation rings true with every culture whether you’re translating employee training manuals or restaurant menus, localization services make the difference between a piece that’s well understood and one that misses the mark. Does your project require global translations geared toward an entire nation? Is your message regionally specific? BizDiversity Translation uses language localization to account for cultural diversity, so your message rings true with every locale at every level.

Aren’t Localization Services the same as Translation Services?

If you take a language tour of the world, you’ll quickly notice that even people who speak the same language communicate differently. For instance, British and American citizens both speak English. A round, sweet treat in the U.S. is called a cookie while the same thing is referred to as a biscuit by British natives. The differences are due to local vernacular and thus the term “localization” which also involves issues such as colors and images. Translations only account for taking a message in one language and communicating it in another.

 Language localization adapts that translation to a particular locale using regional spellings and idioms specific to that culture including: Writing Systems – Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi read right to left instead of left to right. 

Written Characters  – The Japanese language can be written in columns from top to bottom, left to right or right to left, as well as horizontally. 

Icons, Images and Colors – These often have hidden connotations that must be accounted for. Dates, Times, Weights; Measures and Currencies – Other cultures have different ways of writing dates (day-month-year or month-day-year), numbers (such as 50.000 or 50 000), as well as weights and measures (metric vs. Amercian), and more. 

Language localization customizes the translation to the appropriate level, whether global or regional. Spanish offers a good example.

Spanish Localization

Thanks to the influence of Real Academia Española, an essential consistency is kept throughout the Spanish language. However, Spanish localization must be used to account for spelling variations, word usage and cultural sensitivities in every website & marketing translation as well as general Spanish translations. 

Example of different words in Spanish: English Word: Cost .

Spanish Word (Latin America): Costo 
Spanish Word (Spain): Coste 

English Word: Jacket
Spanish Word (Argentina): 
Spanish Word (Mexico): Chamarra
Spanish Word (Venezuela and Caribbean): Chaqueta

Website Localization Services

Whether translating a site for users in Asia, Europe, Latin America or the Middle East, we can assist with adapting your online presence to reach a global or highly localized area. With website localization services, you’re assured of communicating and
conducting business with site visitors in their own, local language and currency. Thanks to extensive research and the use of native-speaking translators who live and work in a variety of cultures, your website translations are guaranteed
to ring true with your visitors. Need help with multilingual search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing? We’ll be glad to add SEO to your website localization services package.