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“I have had many consultations with Samuel and his Bizdiversity partners over the last few years regarding strategy for my business and business formalities that needed to be set up. I have explored avenues that I would not have normally whether it be for new clients, micro lending, marketing and networking. Sam has connected me with vendors that were instrumental to increasing my business exposure. He has had a big impact on the success and confidence of my business expanding. Bizdiversity and their services are a very essential element to strategic business growth.”

Brook Rochelle Bookkeeping

, Brook Munos, Owner

“Samuel and I meet for coffee ☕️. He has a very good vision for entrepreneurs and also legal immigrants in America who wants to start or already have a business they want to connect and promote to be easily found online . Super good concept especially these days. You might not like it but technologies are here to stay – make the best of it , use it all to your advantage, cause why not ?”

Dane Styles, Lone Holt, Founder

“Hello, Thank you very much for your Bizdiversity website. I found information that was very useful to me. I will be in contact and in consultation since the information it contains is constantly used.”

El Siete Dias, Raul Perez, General Editor

“As Coordinator of the Program for the Support of Mexicans Abroad (PAME), of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), whose mission is to empower Mexicans living in the United States in all fields, whether academically, family, cultural, business, administrative and immigration matters, in their political participation and representation in public office, is that, I can affirm, without fear of being wrong, that the best platform I found to achieve that, in this great country, above of any other, be it for reasons of race, origin, language, educational level, religion or income, is Bizdiversity.Directory; but not only that, I am convinced that the best way that modern societies have today a way to cohabit, subsist and achieve a better quality of life, is inclusion, equity and diversity in everything. It is a pride to be part of Bizdiversity.net

Rector of the Care Nation University, Moisés Castillo-García

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