Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Become a Gold, Silver or Bronze Sponsor for GLOCAL 2020 DEI Worskhop  on Thursday, April 23, 2020 from 5-7p.m.

A Sponsorship is a partnership that expands your business relationships to improve your outreach to prospective customers in your communities and collaborate on projects that fulfill your vision and passion. At Bizdiversity, we wish to cocreate projects, events and workshops with you that will empower people, professionals, and business owners to serve best diverse and integrated communities.


Sponsorship opportunities for Gold, Silver and Bronze Sponsors remain available for the upcoming DEI workshop that will take place on Thursday, April 23, 2020 from 5-7p.m..

BizDiversity offers the following sponsorship opportunities throughout the year:

Choose the one that best suties your business and please contact us at marketing@bizdiversity.net. if you have any questions, concerns or have an idea you would like us to support you with.

Presenting Event Sponsor

This sponsorship option is available per event planned.


  • Sponsor logo recognition in Bizdiversity websites and pertaining detailed event page.
  • Prominent sponsor recognition on all-event related marketing and promotional collateral: postcards, fliers, emails, and posters.
  • Sponsor table and 3 guest tickets.
  • Sponsor table recognition and link to its website from bizdiversity websites, websites media partners, and/to other communication channels.
  • Sponsor company/organization will be mentioned 3 times during the event.

Cost: $1500/ per event.

Supporting Sponsor

A flexible sponsorship option open to organizations supporting projects in the Diversity and Inclusion realm and get featured in our website and communication channels for a whole year.



      • Sponsor logo recognition in Bizdiversity.net Supporting Sponsors page for a whole year


  • Display of your small square (200×200) banner on the sidebar side in bizdiversity.net internal pages
    Note: Sponsors must provide their own banner. Banner area shared (rotated) with up to 3 sponsors banners (3 total banners max in each rotated space).



  • Optional: 12 Empowering quotes on Diversity and Inclusion to featured your company in our social media and/or other communication channels for a year. (1 quote featured a month).



                                  Cost: $2,500 / annual

Platform Exclusive Sponsor

This sponsorship option is available to exclusive sponsors to get featured in our platforms for half a year.


      • Sponsor recognition header or horizontal banner (above the fold) in Bizdiversity Multicultural Business Directory (https://directory.bizdiversity.net)
      • Mention sponsor and show organization logo as our Platform Exclusive Sponsor in Bizdiversity main website (bizdiversity.net) in the home page for 6 continuous months. Image linking to sponsor strategic website.
      • Display of sponsor skyscrapper (120×160) or wide skyscraper (160×60) banner on the sidebar side in bizdiversiy.net internal pages – Sponsor must provide their own banner. Only skyscrapper banner area exclusive for this sponsor – no impressions shared.
      • Invitation only passes to future events created, co-created, co-branded, cross-promoted by Bizdiversity and/or its affiliates partners.
      • Optional: 24 Empowering quotes on Diversity and Inclusion to featured your company in our social media and/or other communication channels until end of 2019. (2 quotes featured a month).

Cost: $7,000/bi-annual