Our experts are ready to take a deep dive into translating your graphics-oriented desktop publishing translation projects.

It’s essential not only to translate words, while maintaining their original tone and meaning, but also the design of these projects and we’re experts at both. We focus on quality translation for all forms of digital content and our team will ensure your intended message is preserved of everything from user manuals to brochures and product catalogs throughout the translation process.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing Translation (DTP) and Localization Services

From printed employee benefits pamphlets to product installation manuals and online customer satisfaction surveys, communication is often as much about appearance as it is words. That’s why BizDiversity Translation Services employs a team of highly talented multilingual desktop publishing (DTP also known as Layout) specialists. Individual translators usually do not have the sophisticated programs to do this process quickly and efficiently.

Reduce Your Time to Market with DTP Localization and Translation

We cut your time to market significantly by performing desktop publishing services in-house after the translation has been completed. This delivers two important benefits to you. First, we can account for any increase or decrease in text length that occurs from the translation. Second, we can ensure your translation remains error-free throughout the process because only translation professionals will be involved. Your existing files can be edited, or we can create new, well-translated documents complete with professional designs & layouts. The option is yours.

Publishing Tools and File Formats for DTP Translation

We are able to accommodate both Windows and Macintosh platforms and files.