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Feb 16, 2015
Issue # 2
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We invite you to join our multicultural business directory. A directory that will help you reach audience in more that one locale. Now you have the opportunity to share your business promotions, events and even video marketing with a broader market including international buyers.

We are giving you your first listing free. Just go to directory.bizdiversity.net, create your account and list as many businesses as you wish.

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From our blog
Promote your online image
Do you think your business could maybe be more successful if you could find a way to attract clients from different backgrounds? In this article, we'll tell you that just employing people of different ethnicities, genders, generations, religions and so on is not a complete solution to attracting clients and solving their needs. We will talk about two important concepts: Diversity and Inclusion, the differences and similarities between the two, and how small businesses, and YOU, can benefit from each. Read more »
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New online store
Windows Management Experts is starting the new year right, they are launching their online store for solutions around Microsoft Systems Center Manager and for a limited time all Management Pack's, Builders and Viewers are only $10 each. To know more visit their website. And don't forget to mention you read it on Bizdiversity Connection newsletter.
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Jobs Alert: WME is expanding and they are looking for an amazing system center consultant to join their team. Check this out.
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Classes: Wordpress training this next March by Steve Pillitu. Stay tuned!

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Te invitamos a unirte a nuestro directorio de negocios multiculturales. Un directorio que puede ayudarte a alcanzar audiencia en más de una localidad. Ahora tienes la oportunidad de compartir las promociones, eventos e incluso videos dpublicitarios de tu negocios con un mercado mas amplio incluyendo compradores internacionales.

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De nuestro blog
Promueve tu imagen online.
Crees que tu negocio podria quiza ser más exitoso si tu pudieras encontrar una manera de atraer clientes de diferentes nacionalidades o culturas? En este artículo, te diremos que tan solo emplear personal de diferente grupos etnicos, generos, generaciones, religiones y más no es una solución completa a la hora de atraer clientes y solucionar sus necesidades. Hablaremos sobre dos conceptos importantes: La Diversidad y La Inclusión, sus diferencias y similaridades, y como los pequeños negocios, y TU, pueden beneficiarse. Lee más »
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Una nueva tienda online
Windows Management Experts comenzó este año con el pié derecho, están lanzando su tienda online para soluciones relacionadas a 'Microsoft Systems Center Manager' y por tiempo limitado todos sus paquetes Management, Builder y Viewer estarán a tán solo $10 cada uno. Para saber más visita Su website. Y no te olvides de mencionar que lo leiste aquí en el boletín de Bizdiversity Connection.
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Job: WME está extendiéndose y buscan por un consultor de centro de sistemas para unirse a su equipo. Chequea su publicación.
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Classes: Entrenamiento de Wordpress este mes de Marzo con Steve Pillitu. Mantente al tanto!

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