We’re preparing our next WordPress training course. This training is expected to be on March – stay tuned we’ll provide you more information soon.

By: Marketing team
Published: 1/21/2015

We’ll be meeting today Friday, January 31, with one of the directors in the Community Capital Development center and get to find ways to support, and grow each other networks and services. There are a few ideas involving Ethiopian, Hispanic and Vietnamese business owners that we want to bring to the table. Definitely, we are so excited, as always, to meet, reach out, and share with so many powerful people in our community. Come back soon, we’ll sure let you know what we came up with.

By: Marketing team
Published: 1/31/2014

We are excited to announce that we have created 2 packages involving our multicultural web design and development services. We believe they offer more than essential tools needed for small businesses, startups and organizations to be sucessful online and be well known in their industries. Prices start as low as $599 and payments can be negotiable and customized depending on specific needs.
Contact us and get to know our different packages and special offers.

By: Marketing team
Published: 9/11/2013

We’re finally integrating our Facebook account to connect better with you too! Thanks for visiting us and please feel free to become a friend and invite others :)

By: Marketing team
Published: 8/10/2013