The BizDiversity Multicultural and COVID-19 Workshop Series will consists of workshops that on the differences between people in business. We will help to detail inclusiveness, understanding, and respect, and also by looking at unequal power in society and how to navigate that within business. And regardless of race, social class, gender or sexual orientation; how can all of us together become successful.

Our Inaugural Multicultural and COVID-19 Workshop Series #1 has concluded

Special thanks to our presenters and to those whom attended. A recap will be posted in the coming days. If you attended, we encourage to complete a short evaluation as we look to ahead in planning the next workshop later this year.

Why is Diversity Important

  1. It is the law.
  2. We can better serve customers by offering a broader range of services, such as being able to speak a variety of languages and understanding other cultures.
  3. We can better communicate with one another (saving time and money) and customers.
  4. With a multicultural perspective, we can create better ideas and solutions.
While there may be no money fairy, diversity has proven to result in higher profits for companies
While there may be no “money fairy,” diversity has proven to result in higher profits for companies. Just Another Shot – Fairies!! – CC BY-NC-ND 2.0; Wikimedia Commons

Surge of COVID-19 and Racism

Unfortunately, one of the negative consequences of the COVID-19 crisis has been an increase in racism towards Asian Americans, fueled by xenophobic rhetoric in parts of our society. However, on the positive side, there’s an indication that minority groups in the U.S. are working together to fight this negative trend. All over social media, messages of “minority solidarity” are being shared, creating a pushback against this wave of hate against Asian Americans.

We cannot afford to lose sight of the economic and societal benefits of multiculturalism and migration. In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, it is no surprise that through this unprecedented societal global crisis has surfaced the best and worst of people’s behaviour.

Unfortunately or fortunately, the COVID-19 crisis has exposed and highlighted our human fragility and the existing deficit in many structural and systemic areas. This includes the overt ugly racism experienced by individuals, vulnerable and marginalised groups falling through the cracks, eg new migrants and women, and the inherent inequity as manifested through the ability of some to be more protected from these risks.

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