BizDiversity – Who are we

BizDiversity is a multicultural business community whose purpose is to support the expanded influence of diversity in the mainstream business culture. We do this by providing tools, diversity strategies, tactics and leveraging the principles of inclusion. This will allow multicultural businesses to participate and compete in the traditional business community. We also help all businesses benefit each other by influencing business investment and promotion across traditional cultural business boundaries.

The BizDiversity community

The BizDiverstity site is a platform for education, collaboration, promotion, inclusion and influence.

  • Education – The Biz Diversity community teaches business owners how to profitably, build influence with and across cultural boundaries.
  • Collaboration – The site helps business leaders to find win/win collaboration partners by providing education and tools to develop communication, cooperation and commitment.
  • Promotion – the community provide directories, adds and other tools to promote your business inside and across multi-cultural business barriers.
  • Inclusion – It’s basic economics, we all do better when we all contribute what we do best.
  • Influence – With a membership program that is growing every day, we are able to influence the traditional business community in positive ways that promote everyone.

Our members are,

Domestic business owners, from solo-entrepreneurs to small employees, which are focused in a specific cultural niche that want to, expand into English and cultural and bi-lingual markets.

Domestic Business owners, who want to expand into cultural niche markets

Domestic businesses, who want to move from the US market to a foreign international market

Foreign businesses who want to move into the US market


Bizdiversity – Diversity & Inclusion defined

BizDiversity is an online community of business owners that promote diversity and inclusion. But what does this mean?


When speaking legally we describe diversity is any dimension that can be used to differentiate groups or people from one another. To respect diversity means to have a respect and appreciation for the differences in the ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation/situation, education, religion, life experiences (negative as well as positive) and viewpoints of others.


Inclusion an attitude and the action of valuing, respecting and supporting. When we are inclusive we are focusing in on the needs of every individual inside and outside our group. While at the same time creating an environment where each person is able to live their personal core values in order to achieve their full potential.

The result:

For each of us we are able to more closely develop our full potential as a person, employee/employer, and community member/leader.

For the employer diversity and inclusion means higher employee loyalty, work satisfaction and of course increased corporate profitability through improved productivity.

For the community, this means a focus on attainable solutions, progress and community strength. This means that diversity and inclusion will also lead to a stronger community and local economy.

As a whole bring with us diverse perspectives, work experiences, life styles, languages and unique cultures. At BizDiversity we develop success by creating an environment of diversity and inclusion.

Membership benefits

We provide our membership an environment where their multi-cultural businesses can thrive, grow and cross business boundaries that cause many businesses to stumble.