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About the project

It’s My Time Women is a three-month initiative sponsored by the Bizdiversity team to support women-owned online businesses, by providing them with a range of resources and support at an affordable cost and by inspiring them to give back to other women-owned businesses in the network.

Project Team

Bizdiversity consultants and associates will work as a small group to put in place the initial 3-months plan that will help the participant and her business idea get off the ground effectively. And with a keen eye on broader markets, industries and customer interests, the Bizdiversity team may present the business idea in more than one language and through bilingual media channels. We will make sure one of our professionals work closely with each participant on her project and this professional will report back on the participant’s marketing and technical knowledge.

Duration of the project

3 months

Location and communication

Virtual and/or physical – Communications through email, skype or phone calls are considered the most effective ways for this project since we take into account participants’ hard work schedule; personal meetings may be considered secondly. However, and based on the type of business, one of our team member, staff or consultant could meet participants personally.

Minimum requirements to participate

Bizdiversity looks to catch the interest of women of a culturally diverse participant pool. We invite new small women-businesses from diverse backgrounds to contact us to qualify. The participant should:

  • Be a new business woman with less than a year in business and/or with a practically non-existence online presence or a need for a better marketing strategy.
  • Be of age 18+
  • Have a remarkable interest in supporting another woman in same condition by giving back anything of value to the other woman’s business as well, like a service or product, access to resources and tools, a class, image consultancy session, or even a cross market content – We recognize the power on abundance, support and care in women networks.
  • Understand that the main idea of this project is her own professional and business exposure without the worries of costs, knowledge, and language barriers.
  • Be open to feedback and collaborative support.

What will this project include

  • A website done from scratch or a website revamp.
  • 3-months of free marketing in Bizdiversity “It’s My Time Women” page.
  • Exposure and mention of you participation in our social media networks.
  • Up to 2 hrs of free consultancy on any of these 3 main areas: online marketing, multilingual support, or technical skills – critical areas of continuous improvement.
  • One-only guest blog post to be shared in 2 locales. A post containing value to your potentials customers and content that will definitely enhance your presence.
  • Your first banner or advertising in our bilingual publications.



To Apply

Please submit a short clear email to marketing[at] about you and your idea letting us know your main cultural background

Give 5% to your friend

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Stay in touch

Contact us at with your complete name and reference paypal transaction.

Secure payment

Register to our Program through Paypal


Sponsors can waive part or all of your cost but we are not offering sponsorship directly. However, we can make arrangements with a sponsor of your finding. Just let’s know.

Note: Each participant gets 5% off one time only from one of their friends after registering in our program.

Bizdiversity Team
The It’s My Time Women project