Are you a business owner?

If so, keep reading because this is for you.

We are working on a new exciting project helping small business owners, especially
minority-owned businesses in Seattle and surrounding areas, tell experiences, anecdotes, tips and part of their challenges during their entrepreneurial journey. And at no cost to you.

We know how stories are powerful and what an impact they make in organizations and any kind of business nowadays. And even when you might find that sharing about your business is a challenging task, we encourage you to do it because no one is going to tell your words and thoughts so passionately and close to your reality as you would. We all find millions of stories so unique out there, and yet there are lots still to cover. We are targeting this specific group of business owners because they can easily benefit from this project.

This opportunity to participate could be one of your PR dreams come true. Who knows?

Do you have an idea of what an impact can your business story make? And it doesn’t matter if you’ve only been in business for a short time now. New businesses are the ones who need support from the media the most, and we know it. As it has happened to many others, the story of their businesses just started way before getting a license or finding someone to partner with. It popped up in their minds one day when taking a shower, waiting for a train, or even one morning when they woke up very excited with the most brilliant ideas.

Stories matter tremendously. It matters for marketing purposes, for business liaisons, and for building stronger relationships with communities and potentials clients.

But, what about yours? The questions still remain – What makes you create your business? What have been your greatest challenges? What keeps you up at nights? How do you became an entrepreneur? You have a lot to tell and we are all about covering stories like yours.

We’re on the lookout for those inspirational and real words (from Ethiopian, Veteran, Latino, African-American, and LGBTQ business owners) and you are gladly invited to be a part of this project.

You could be right on our channels in the next few weeks.

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We are bringing this project to you thanks to our supporters.

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Tell your potentials what you can do for them

More than 80% of people search online for local businesses but lost of real customers, in and out the USA, have quickly become engaged with businesses that know their cultures, are aware of their languages, and serve their real needs.

Share your own story with this multicultural market through different channels. There is people out there looking to learn from and connect with you.