Frequently Asked Questions

How can BD help my business?

There are many ways you can take advantage of our online multilingual business community.

BD provides leading and applicable IT training and educational services that help small business owners develop more viable strategies on communications and collaborations applicable in several economies. By registering as a member in our community, you will have access to the different resources available and upcoming events among other things. Our members gather frequently in order to support other members in our community. BD frequently works on finding the best way to expose you and your services to a broader diverse marketplace, and give you tips on how to improve services and increase potential clients while keeping your marketing at a low cost.

We at BD are always on the lookout for the latest trends affecting small business performance and for different industry professionals who are able to grow their connections by sharing their expertise with us. We considerably care about all our blog collaborators members and ensure their satisfaction with us by listening to their suggestions and having open communications that create win-win situations.

Does BD host regular networking events?
BD does not host regular networking events yet but does partner with other Diversity local organizations to sponsor special events where networking is present. Our news & events page will list those events.

We are planning on activities that will totally affect weekly events. Please keep coming back for updates.

How often does BD meet?
BD meets once per month to discuss diversity trainings and topics relevant to assisting small owned businesses in their growth. The gatherings are attended by a group of volunteers from private, public, and non-profit industry businesses as well as featured expert members based on the topic to be covered during that section. In addition, the Board attends semiannual retreat to set the objectives for the coming year.

How can I get involved or support BD?
The best way to support BD is by sharing your expertise on diversity related topics. By connecting with our business owners members, becoming a collaborator and submitting resources, attending trainings, events, and meet ups.  Our website contains information on several upcoming trainings and the times and dates of the next BD Networking week meet up. We inspire you to get involved in one of these events as a way of supporting small owned businesses locally but reaching globally.

There are activities and groups in where you can freely participate and help other develop ideas and build a stronger contact base, as well as there is a forum section where you can either  post question on any concern you have with managing diversity in your business, or offer your experiences and suggestions for others member to read and share. Getting in touch with many of them is a great way to take the most out of this community.

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