What is GLOCAL

What is a Glocal?

The Glocal concept is born from the need to define the word Glocalization: Globalization + Location. It is so simple, Think Globally and Act Locally.

Reflecting on Glocal will lead us to its meaning and how Diversity, Equity and Inclusion can be infused both Globally and Locally in actions we take individually and in our organizations

A Glocalized business is formed by choosing to combine the best of both concepts to create a more sustainable organizational that grows in line with its culture.

In order to change the odds for marginalized communities, social organizations must root their racial equity work in a commitment to learn from and be led by those who have experienced inequity themselves.

  1. Define Equity - Teach For All defines equity as removing the predictability of failure or success based on social background or factors.
  2. Value Lived Experience More Than Concepts
  3. Center Local Voices
    Communities that have experienced racial and ethnic marginalization have been having conversations about equity long before it became a trend in the social sector. However, these communities are rarely given center stage when outside organizations come in to facilitate equity work. These organizations, however, can gain incredible skills and insights from partnering with communities and learning from their firsthand experience with inequity in the greater goal of changing systems.
  4. Diversity is Insufficient Without Inclusion
    While it is important to have diverse voices at all levels of an organization, diversity is insufficient if marginalized people feel less valued or included, or do not have meaningful roles in decision-making and leadership. Inclusion represents a commitment to the goal of shared power—equity—through ensuring that organizations are welcoming and safe for all people, especially those who are not part of the dominant culture. Remember, the opposite of inclusion is marginalization.