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Just Launch is the Presenting Event Sponsor for GLOCAL2020.

About Just Launch Media

Just Launch Media offers sales training and leadership development programs in addition to weekly podcasts.

Just Launch Media Strategic Communication sales methodology has proven to assist salespeople and sales leaders improve their results. Focused on understanding client objectives and communicating your value, our unique approach is perfect for individual contributors or entire sales organizations.

The Just Launch Media Strategic Leadership program is designed to assist people managers develop their communication, coaching, and leadership skills. Building and leading a strong teams is essential to success in today's environment. New managers often find themselves with the support, skills, or experience to take on the challenging task of leading and developing people. Experienced managers are increasingly working with a younger work force whose expectations and communication styles differ. Strategic Leadership assists leaders across all experience levels with making those key connections, providing valuable coaching, and inspiring their teams.

We've all wondered how to take our careers and business to the next level. Increasing sales and building a highly productive culture are key components to that growth. Just Launch is the partner to help you get there. Reach out below for a consultation.

About Founder, Shawn Channell

Just Launch Media Founder - Shawn Channel

Shawn Channell spent a decade struggling to create a career in sales. First as a Realtor, then multiple stints selling cars, and even as a door to door salesperson he faced thousands of rejections, disappointing results, and years of barely making enough money to survive.

At that pivotal moment when he was ready to walk away and purse a different career path something clicked. The approach he had been taking was backwards. It was all about his product, his service, and his company. It didn’t necessarily align what what the customer wanted; their challenges, objectives, and goals.

As a result, Strategic Communication was born. A sales methodology focused on uncovering what the client’s objectives are, strategically aligning their needs with your value, and ensuring both parties are clear on the reasons to partner together.

For the past fourteen years Shawn has been coaching, developing, and training sales people and sales leaders to produce results. His sale people have become six figure earners and some of the top professionals in their sales positions. Many have gone on to become top level sales leaders. The sales leaders he partners with acquire a strategic approach to lead, coach, and develop their sales teams on a completely new level. Their teams consistently hit goals and grow their sales results.

Strategic Communication isn’t designed to replace your previous sales experience or methodology. It’s power lies in adding a fresh perspective in a market saturated with the same traditional sales approaches. Consider it another tool to add to your arsenal that will increase the power of your communication with clients and drive new results.