Best Practices of High Performance Entrepreneurs –  BizDiversity Edition

Announcing the 2020 edition: Hard Times Make Great Companies!

By Corey Hansen, MScOD

High Performance Entrepreneurs, INC 500 ,100 Best Companies

“BEST PRACTICES OF HIGH PERFORMANCE ENTREPRENEURS” can help make you millions in profit faster, WHEN…you aggressively implement these “Best Practices” proven to accelerate growth.

This isn’t an academic study or theoretical presentation.  It‘s a step-by-step process that’s been used to create some of the “Fastest-Growing Businesses” in the country.  See the list below for results of real businesses, just like yours.

Read the book and take the Hot100 assessment, and see what you can do to build one of the fastest growing businesses in the country, starting NOW!

AWARDS TALLY from Best Practices Entrepreneurs!

  • Top 10 Young Internet Millionaires
    • $60 million at age 28, then sold for $1.3 BILLION
  • Inc Magazine – Inc 500/5000 Fastest Growing Private-Owned Businesses
  • Entrepreneur Magazine – Hot 100 Fastest Growing New Businesses
  • Business Journal
    • 100 Fastest Growing Private-Owned in State
    • 50 Fastest Growing Minority Businesses
    • 25 Largest Minority Businesses
  • Ernst and Young – Entrepreneur of the Year Regional Finalist
  • 100 Best Places to Work
  • US Small Business Administration
    • Small Business of the Year – State and Regional
    • Veteran Small Business Champion of the Year
    • Entrepreneurial Success Award

Many more would make these and other awards, if they applied.


A few of many examples: (The growth and sustainability of these businesses is not a guarantee your business will achieve similar results, but it’s a good start.)

  • Business Services Startup
  • $0 to $800,000 first yr,
  • to $10 million/yr in 5 years (1,250%)
  • To $36 million in 10 years (4,500%)
  • Inc Magazine “Inc 500/5000 Fastest Growing Private-Owned Companies (8 of the last 9 years!)
  • Entrepreneur Magazine “Hot 100” Fastest Growing New Businesses in the US
  • Business Services
    • $9.6 million to $41 million in 3 years (+400%)
    • Inc Magazine “Inc 500/5000” Fastest Growing Private-Owned Company
  • Women-Owned Personal Services
    • $400,000 to $1.4 million per year in 9 months (350%)
    • Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year regional finalist
    • Mayors’ Small Business Award
  • Social Mission Business Service
    • From $400,000 to $1 million in one year (250%)
    • SBA Region – Minority Small Business of the Year
    • Business Journal “Hot 100”
  • Custom Business Software
    • From $1 million to $9 million/yr in 4 years.  (+900%)
    • Inc 500/5000 and Business Journal Hot100
    • 100 Best Places to Work and many other awards

And many, many, other success stories, to help accelerate your success.

About Corey Hansen, MSCD

Corey Hansen is the founder of Hot100Business, and has worked with thousands of business leaders to accelerate profitable and sustainable revenue growth.


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