Why Translation Services

As the proliferation of digital experiences in businesses increases and the number of languages spoken in the US increases, opportunities will increase for businesses to communicate their products and services to new audiences.

There are many reasons behind this high incidence of multilingualism. The United States has a large and growing immigrant population. Immigrants and children born to immigrants accounted for more than a quarter of the population in 2021. Significant Hispanic communities can be found in just about every state in America, with more than 43 million people throughout the country speaking Spanish as a main language. Languages of East Asian origin are also common with approximately 3 million native speakers of Cantonese and Mandarin.

Additionally, translation of your content into local languages presents opportunities to gain new social media followers to your brand. This is because the audience will think your brand is native and is specifically meant for them, which will increase trust in your organization.

Some benefits of human-based translations services include human translators’ ability to:

  • better interpret the intent of the supplied or source text. For example, if the source text is an upbeat promotional piece, a human translator can replicate that tone in the target language
  • convey the intended context of the message
  • convert idioms, slang, metaphors and other terms in the source text to the target language
  • present correct grammar in the target language, which software can get wrong
  • convey the author’s message, tone and writing style
  • culturally adapt the text using images, phrases or equivalents in that language.

In conclusion, professional, human-based translation services are instrumental in making sure you reach new audiences spanning different markets and cultivating new opportunities to build customer trust. We understand that not everyone knows the language well enough not to get lost in translation, but please – don’t trust Google Translate to give you anything but an absolutely literal conversion of whatever you type in.



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