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While it’s important for your business to have a core team of employees who have a good ongoing work relationship, your company can benefit from bringing in freelancers or contract workers. Pulling an employee away from the task they have been working on and asking them to perform duties for which they may not be trained leads to stress, a negative workplace environment, and reduced productivity. In such cases, it can help you, your company, and your employees to bring in freelance professionals to do work for which they are equipped. This can be an excellent money-saving strategy, too.

What are some of the areas where it makes sense to outsource work to freelancers?

Usually, you don’t want to hire workers from outside your business to perform duties that are intimately connected with your brand. Think of hiring freelancers as a way of supporting the roles that already exist within your company. In general, if a project is ongoing, it might be preferable to hire an employee. However, for some long-term work relationships, working with a freelancer might make more sense.

Work with a registered agent when you form your company.

It’s a good idea for owners of small businesses to choose the limited liability company (LLC) structure when they make their business a legal entity. Doing so, will help you save on taxes in the early stages and in the long run and comes with increased liability protection. When you form your Washington state LLC, you will need a registered agent. Though you can be your own registered agent, you might find it easier to hire one, especially if you work unusual hours or across several states. Since every state has different regulations on LLCs, hiring an agent who is well-versed in the rules for your state will make your work easier.

Work with a freelance accountant during startup and long-term.

Your company may not need to hire an accountant as an employee, but you will absolutely need professional accounting services.  An accountant can help you set your budget and create a financial forecast while you are planning your business. Once your business is running, an accountant will help you manage quarterly and yearly taxes correctly and get you as many deductions as possible. They will keep you from making mistakes with your accounting and help you stay on top of payroll.

Consider freelancers for web design and other internet tech jobs.

Choosing the brand and the aesthetic for your company is up to you, but having a web designer can help you make sure your company site is professional, easy to navigate, and secure. You may also want to work with an IT professional when it comes to installing company software and maintaining your devices. Additionally, bringing in a cybersecurity professional on occasion will ensure that your connections stay secure and your content safe.

A marketing freelancer can help your company.

While important decisions about branding and marketing should be made by someone in-house, their work can be assisted by a freelance marketing professional who can do work such as social media management and creating email marketing ads. If your marketing staff needs to stay focused on research and brand-building, hire a freelancer to support them with ongoing tasks that don’t require major decision-making.

Consider off-the-shelf services to save money, when appropriate.

Sometimes you will need customized packages or services to meet your company’s unique needs. Other times, you can save money by investing in software or resources that have been designed to be used by anyone. When it comes to invoicing, billing, and scheduling, it’s probably preferable to purchase an off-the-shelf software package than to spend on having something designed exclusively for your company.

Hiring freelancers has become a standard practice for business managers focusing on streamlining processes and supporting their employees. Your team members need to be free to focus on their own goals and specializations. So when extra work is needed, hire a freelance professional to keep things running smoothly.

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