BizDiversity Redesign almost complete

March 25, 2021

The long wait is almost over…. BizDiversity will soon launch a redesigned homepage website next month. The new homepage site will reflect best practices in modern web development, including accessibility, mobile-first design, streamlined navigation, and more integration of video content, as well as a greater emphasis on the needs of our audiences.

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Business Goals

Prioritize Media Partners

  • Continue to create a site that is user-friendly and an information tool for the primary web audiences including, small and mid-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies and registrants for DEI related events
  • Continue to align site with the membership registration process, sponsorship processes

Elevate resources that are currently hidden on current site

  • Sponsorships
  • Media Partners

Create hub that curate useful resources and empower those for success

  • Create a more prominent gateway to business related resources
  • Create a Media Partner area

Highlight accomplishments and opportunities with visibility and storytelling

  • Showcase business owners in a way that ties back to BD mission and core values and inspires new business owners to share their stories
  • Help solidify Bizdiversity’s stance in DEI advocacy work by prioritizing DEI more clearly.
  • Spotlight resources for businesses

Streamline content to improve usability and searchability

  • Be more straightforward with functional and informational details on the website.
  • Review existing content to target correct audience, refreshed, recycled and archived, thus improving search results.
  • Implement cleaning-out process for files to archives materials that don’t need to be on the web server
    (IE: imagery from previous business directory)