Bellevue Culture Center Photo Session - Bellevue - March 24, 2021

Bellevue Cross-Cultural Center Project gathering at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens

March 24, 2021

By Dan Velando, BizDiversity COO

March 24, 2021 was the first gathering for the participants of the Bellevue Cross-Cultural Center project at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens for a photo session. Included in attendance was Regan Dunn – King County Councilmember who made a generous contribution of $25,000 for this project and Jared Nieuwenhuis – Deputy Mayor of Bellevue City Council.

The photo session was organized by Conrad Lee – Council member of Bellevue City Council. It was a great turnout and attendees included small business owners and representatives of numerous cultural, ethnic and community organizations to participate in the photo session and networking opportunity.

FBCC Mission:

A group of representatives of numerous cultural, ethnic and community organizations has come together as Friends of Bellevue Cross-Cultural Center to begin envisioning a design that truly reflects and serves a broad range of racial and cultural groups as well as businesses and community organizations. The mission of FBCC is to ensure that diverse voices are heard continuously in the design, development, implementation, and ongoing management of the Bellevue Cross-Cultural Center.
Participation in FBCC is open to individuals, organizations, and businesses who are supportive of developing the Bellevue Cross-Cultural Center.


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