LatinX Entrepreneurial Event Recap

By Marketing

BizDiversity along with more than 50 participants took part in a successful enteprenuerial event.
The event was held at the Burien Library in Burien on October 13th.

Other participating partners included Venures, Centro De La Raza Empresarios del Futuro, Craft3, Bizdiversity, Start Zone, Pacific Capital Resource Group, WayFind, Colectiva legal del Pueblo, Washington DECA, 501 Commons and the KCLS Nonprofit & Philanthropy Resource Center

LatinX Entreprenurial Recap

The panel discussions were inspirational! The following workshop panelists: Roxana Pardo, Amy Hollander and Carmen from Ventures, and Liliana Paredes and Lulú from Centro de la Raza did an exceptional job.

LBizDiversity @ LatinX Entrepreneurial event in Burien on October 13th

Many also took the opportunity to participate in the 1-minute “elevator” speech describing their small business to the audience, which was a real highlight!


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