How you can practice the dance of an Inclusionist in Business

By Samuel Rodriguez , Founder of BizDiversity


Biz Diversity Founder, Samuel Rodriez speaks at a Hispanic Arte & Culture meeting with Kenmore City Hall on February 2nd
During a Hispanic Arte & Culture meeting with Kenmore City Hall featuring city leadership and fellow business owners in discussing the art exhibit, the conversations were powerful, enlightening and helped to reconnect with my past.


As the arts became part of my life as a kid, my appreciation for artists has become more deeply rooted in their capabilities, gifts and contributions as human beings.

The impression left by many artists on our contemporary times reflects the world as we see experience, but through their eyes and hands left behind for the ages.

The times are frozen in a canvas, the expressions are given with soulful colors and motives depicted with inspiring senses that hope to capture the convey messages hidden on the pictures or Artifacts made with hard work.


Nevertheless, these messages are left for us to engage with as we participate in visual decoding of their meaning it is left up to the imagination to couple with your own definition of beauty and recognition for unique piece made.

Yet, unknowingly we will participate in the dance by the exchange in memories, talks, discussions and freely associations of its meanings. An Artist shows us the path to become an Inclusionist.

A Kenmore Art Gallery 2015 art contribution by Henry Lindner.


What does this means?

Do I have the privilege to become one? Or it is my Virtue to exercise its meanings?

Its essence comes from the willingness to recognize that there is goodness, righteousness, morality, integrity, dignity, rectitude, honor, decency, respectability, nobility, worthiness and purity on their work being laid out for us to appreciate.

Multiple roads lead to a destination and many people on the road could bring you to your desire location. Yet in the journey ahead how are you showing your appreciation for the beauty found?

A business that involves Art unto their premises opens the door for the diverse, the commonality in our differences and permeates willfulness towards keeping the conversation alive since allows and advocates for its inclusion. They transform us from a visual dancing to a motion dance capable to pierce discords, break the ice, expand on expressions and bring people together in favor of its patrons.

A silent form of a benefactor that always is present on the premises giving the notion about your believes and desires for your fellow team and customers. These characteristics are shared by artists whom resembled with their art our lives today.

In Honor and gratitude for their works, I would like to mentioned two of them the distinguished Alfredo Arreguin and Juan Alonso-Rodríguez for their contributions towards enrichment of our local growing Hispanic/Latino communities.
Inclusionist is the practice of works and the acceptance of others diverse’s perceptions to carry forward differences with unity and morality raising the bar for a better future.

Does your business allow it? Are you willing to dance yet?