Can the Experienced Business Owner recognize a Data Breach

Are we learning from the data breach mistakes we read about?

For hackers around the world, success breeds more success, it seems.

A company called KnowBe4 has released a report entitled “Top Ten Global Phishing Email Subject Lines For Q3 2017.” To prepare it, they analyzed email subject lines from simulated phishing tests to determine what the most effective approach was.

Their findings were that “Official Data Breach Notification” was the hands-down winner, generating far more click-throughs than any other.

Perry Carpenter, KnowBe4’s Chief Evangelist and Strategy Officer had this to say about the report:

“Phishing attacks are responsible for more than 90% of successful cyber-attacks and the level of sophistication hackers are now using makes it nearly impossible for a piece of technology to keep an organization protected against social engineering threats.

Phishing attacks are smart, personalized and timed to match topical news cycles. Businesses have a responsibility to their employees, their shareholders, and their clients to prevent phishing schemes.

Barely a day goes by that we are not greeted by some grim headline and a news story recounting the woes of yet another company suffering from yet another massive breach resulting in hundreds of thousands, millions, or more consumer data files stolen”.

Our goal is to provide awareness and educate our customers with options in recognizing a potential data breach and understand what they can do to mitigate the potential risk to their business.

We believe awareness and education is the key in mitigating potential data breaches. We assist clients with emerging technology solutions and services in security and data protection:

Security Services

  • Security-as-a-Service (SAAS) – AWS, AZURE, HYBRID
  • Web Application & Infrastructure Stack Protection
  • Privileged Account Management
  • Endpoint Protection & Control Access
  • Monitoring, Protection and Reporting
  • Compliance – PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA & HITECH

Data Backup & Recovery

  • Cloud Data Protection and Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Backup for Virtual machines
  • End Point Data Protection & Availability
  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure
  • PCIe Flash Storage Arrays
  • Physical & Virtual Backup Appliances

At dvaDataStorage, we assist small and mid-size businesses to recognize options to prevent potential data breaches. We work with customers to customize a security package that meets their requirements and budget. Join us in combating the risks to your business. We strive to show our clients how to expand their businesses and increase their profit to remain competitive in today’s technology:

  • Reducing Help Desk Cost
  • Improve the Speed of Business
  • Greatly Reduce Internal Risk and External Threats
  • Meet Compliance Mandates

A Testimonial

“I’ve personally had the chance to work with Dan over this past year and could not be happier with my experience. His depth and breadth of knowledge of the Security, Data Recovery and Cloud Services industry is incredible and his services are a lifesaver. I couldn’t be happier with my experience and can highly recommend dvaDataStorage and Dan Velando without hesitation. ”

Michael Todd Smith,  CEO Collective Seven