The Pros and Cons of Being Your Own Boss

By Samuel Rodriguez , Founder of BizDiversity

I have dreamed about being my own boss since I was a little kid.

Growing up, I used to play store and put prices on things and charge people money, constantly rearranging items on the Fisher Price shelving throughout the day. Life was wonderful and I knew that when I was older I;d reap the benefits of being my own boss. I’d be a millionaire by 18, I just knew it.

And then real life hit…

I started my own business, but it failed.

I got a real job and hated it. Then started another business, and it failed too.

Things have gone back and forth like that for over 15 years, but I have learned many lessons along the way that I would like to share.

Below are some pros and cons of being your own boss:

  • Pro: You really can work from home in your pajamas.

    Con: You really don’t get off of work at 5pm. 5pm? Ha, I’m writing this now and it’s 8:23 pm.
  • Pro: You can take lunch from your kitchen, saving money.

    Con: You often don’t have any money.
  • Pro: You can make your own schedule, and vacation whenever you want.

    Con:If you don’t work, you don’t get paid, and you constantly have to hold yourself accountable.
  • Pro: You have time to spend with your dog, children, and spouse.

    Con: Your dog, children, and spouse never let you get any work done.
  • Pro: You have the ability to change the world, and affect a lot of people’s lives, including your own.

These pros and cons were found in any startup I made whether I was in a third world country looking to expand my horizons and also when I came to America.

Regardless of where the business originated, these lessons were present. But I learned from my failures and successes that finding willing and able people whom shared an openness to explore new possibilities in pursuit of growing a leads-driven business. I stepped away from Red Ocean Markets where competition is fierce.

These days I navigate Blue Ocean Markets since they welcome my business. I am finding a desire to expand outreach to an untapped market space with the potential to maximize profitablity.

There is a saying that goes you either work hard or smart and over the years I found out that by trial and error has been my “Smart” approach.

Today, the pursue of happiness has become more centric towards community impact and legacy left as what has been learned is now a success.

I encourage you step out of your comfort zone

Embark to engage your dislikes, cons and turn them into Pros, Likes and Pokes.

As 2018 approaches, make a new years resolution to start your own business.

If you have already own your own business, make a news years resolution to generate new revenue streams by expand your outreach to new communities you have not reached out too.