Welcoming Kirkland

By Samuel Rodriguez , Founder

The Welcoming Kirkland event held  at the Kirkland Heritage Hall on September 21, 2017, included a number of organizations from Kirkland and the surrounding community.

BizDiversity was amongst several companies invited to spread the word of how inclusion fits within the means for growth for businesses in Kirkland, WA.  The organizations and businesses  in attendance brought rigor towards welcoming communities to the area. They brought a rich mix of cultural variety. There were able to mingle and provide introduction to business services within the following categories: marketing and promotion,  schools, including universities or driving schools, in Kirkland and the surrounding communities.

There were other educational services (afterschool programs, adult education classes, tutoring, wellness classes and clubs), local health care facilities, ethnic restaurants and stores;   organizations helping with opening a business, getting a loan,  join a club,  create support groups,  find mentorship, and family to family connections, as well church affiliations representatives.  This was an educational event which attracted musicians, dancers and presenters.

The event was organized to build bridges between receiving communities and newcomers to the area (from other parts of this country or the world) to network and make friends, to help immigrants to integrate into the community and contribute to the society.

Biz Diversity Founder, Samuel Rodriguez posing at Welcoming Kirkland event

One of the core values of Bizdiversity is to promote diversity and inclusion through education, services like referral programs and community-based marketing outreach programs. The following are services we provide to our members to increase outreach to multicultural communities:

  1. Members Only Referral Program | Intercultural business education and training
  2. Business mentoring |Support and development solutions for digital marketing strategies to improve multicultural communities |
  3. Connection with other businesses across traditional cultural barriers

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