To gain and retain the attention of your current and or new customers, you will need to capture and explain how your services can provide benefit to your customers and continuously touch on this throughout your marketing campaign.

How do you do this? Clever writing comes to mind, but also and a marketing strategy that supports your credibility (your business or industry) that is directed with a clear message.

Embed persuasive requesting as a component of your strategy to reach your target audience or market.

Persuading means using a logical argument or discussion to change an individual’s beliefs or actions. There are four key elements in persuasive requests:
* Gaining attention
* Building interest
* Reducing resistance
* Motivating actions

When attempting to gain the attention of your customers, start by making open statements, but make them brief and all inclusive, relevant and engaging.

Giving a problem description with unexpected statement contrasts and polar opposite examples captivates the reader’s attention. But don’t count on changing attitudes with information alone, this is where you start to build interest once you have gained your readers’ attention. You can ask stimulating questions that requires your reader to think then give them a benefit for doing so with related facts. Just make sure to compliment them for staying engaged in with your content.

Staying engaged is much easier when you’ve you have built interest by using tools such as: facts, expert opinion, examples, direct and indirect benefits and including specific details. Because your readers are going to be asking themselves these four questions:

1. Why should I stay on this website and read?

2. What’s in it for me?

3. What’s in it for this business or owner?

4. Who cares about the information presented here?

Knowing how to create scenarios that need a counterargument is anticipating a readers’ objections this is when providing a logical argument to show the value of your proposal can establish credibility. What if your audience disagrees with your ideas or is uncertain about them? Well, then try presenting both sides of the argument because nothing will

demonstrate your expertise more than your ability to remain objective for the sake of educating your reader.

You can win respect by making your opinion or recommendation clear and placing your strong points strategically, but be careful and try not to inject your personal opinion or bias too often or too early. Do not offer new ideas, directives or recommendations for change until your audience is prepared and consider whether your views will create problems for your audience. Because in order to reduce resistance you will be asking the question “what if?” What if there was a better solution and your service or business can provide it? You have many opportunities to apply your powers of persuasion and motivate actions, for example: E-marketing, direct mailings, letters, articles, newsletters, etc. And by no means are these small opportunities for these make up the bulk of most marketing campaigns.

This bring us to our next and final key element of persuasive request motivating actions. Getting the reader to read and be open to your information is the first step, but converting them into a buying customer is the ultimate goal because nothing happens until you make a sale. So how do you motivate your newly interested reader into a motivated customer who feels compelled to buy what you are selling? By first sounding confident in your sales pitch, describing a specific action to take, making the action easy to take, and offering an incentive like great customer care. A specific action could be a simple point-of-sale process or it could be a more complex action like adopting a new approach to your business practices by utilizing a consulting service.

Whatever you are selling there are business practices that can streamline your process. Have you ever heard of the idea of growing your business geometrically? Well, in order to put all your marketing tools to good use, including persuasion, launching a marketing campaign in multiple languages just makes sense! This could be as easy as have your website translated in multiple languages and with the click of a highly visible button on your website your customer based just increased 10-fold. Diversity and Inclusion really can be that profitable!

Always remember that once a customer becomes your customer, it’s your customer service that will set you apart from your competitors. Do not to provide excuses when a customer needs reassurance about your product or service. Provide many different avenues to allow customers to communicate with your business and when a customer reaches out be sure to pour on the communication. A deal is only good if it’s good for both parties but that means throughout all stages of the sale your customers feel taken care “because great customers don’t just appear, they are made”.