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On November 11, 2012 we had the opportunity to network with the friendliest and most supportive business folks in the Eastside. BizDiversity introduced its community business project to all members and guest of the November Prime: Time Business Social event hosted By The EBA Technology Council And Devry University.

For more than 2 hours all members of the EBA and individual entrepreneurs shared important information and knowledge pertaining to the influences of Social Technology to help expand and market our businesses. Topics covered went from Website and Mobile Readiness, Business Systems Connectivity and Automation, to Mobile App, Readiness for Small business, and Marketing Diversity and Multilingual blog site.

Iforcetek presented the topic: Cross Platform Web Sites.

Get your websites ready for desktop, laptop, mobile phone, tablet with just single piece of code applied with HTML 5.

How it works:

The frame length and breadth of website is elastic and adjusts depending upon the screen resolution

* Desk top and wider screens (wide width display)

* Laptop (regular width display)

* Tablet * like iPad, nexus (condensed width display)

* Mobile* phone (further condensed width display)

* * Web Solution is different from that of native apps available in app store

* Business Systems Connectivity & Automation

* Does your CRM, Accounting, Billing, Invoicing system talk to each other?

* Get a collaborative business environment by connecting your business systems

* Send recurring customer invoices via online portal. Your customers can login to portal and make a payment

* Get aged billing reminders in your inbox

The presenter was Lakshmi Shankar. If you would like to know more about these topics feel free to them

OnPage1 presented the topic: Smartphone Apps for Local Businesses.

Many reasons you may want to work with them is because of the benefits of increasing your entire business by:

• Excellent customer retention & loyalty tool

• Fully featured, instantly updateable

• Surprisingly affordable!

Presented by Jay Gerring. OnPage1 is an effective online marketing solutions for your local business. if you would like to know more these topics feel free to contact the presenter.

Steve Pillitu Graphics Design presented the topic: Helping companies stand out from their competition through creative branding, print marketing materials and custom websites

WordPress & Mobile Ready Websites:

• Why WordPress? • What are plugins? • What is a “Mobile Ready” website?

Steve showed to the group the benefits of working with a framework that is practical and flexible for growth along with your company scalability. If you would like to know more these topics feel free to contact the presenter.

All Pro web works presented the topic: Developing highly professional websites along with a marketing strategy plan.
* Custom Website Design

* Coding and Development

* Online Marketing

* Hosting and Email

AllProWebWorks  work with you to develop a highly professional website become a powerful tool for your company. Skye McGinn at All Pro Web Works is ready for you. So bring your questions to them and explore the possibilities of an efficient marketing by using trusted knowledgeable consultants in the area.

IT Works Northwest “It Works Now” presented the topic: Operations are your foundation for success

* Businesses need security, dependability, and access across multiple platforms

* Workstation, Server, Mobile, Cloud – define how each adds value to your mission

* Effective IT solutions pay for themselves through greater productivity

* Your entire system is only as effective as the weakest link

* Bring your network under your control

* Unify backup, remote access, and file storage where one or more come together

* Refine relationships with Microsoft, Google, Apple to make them work for you

* Tame your applications – dependable tools enhance security and productivity

* VMWare Player, View Client, Hyper-V, and other virtual solutions at work

They focus on simple activities that make complex management tasks easier.

The evening went fast we had refreshments and exchanged contact information with the rest of the group. As the event took place and people began to mingle we felt a sense of accomplishment because not only received new knowledge to share with our members about IT solutions that are affordable but also we found friendly resources in the area.