A Diversity Profile is the one that helps recognize feelings and opinions about innovation and creativity for your business while at the same time it offers suggestions for change. Multiply your horizons by presenting your brand in a variety of languages that will help understand potential customers and start a dialogue about diversity opportunities available.

The social media membership climb sharply and deciding whether to keep a business or personal profile has become unclear. However, marketplace studies demonstrate that consumers appreciate networking with a brand to a personal level; so as a business owner,  it isn’t bad to present yourself more approachable and friendly. There is nothing wrong with providing folks a small glimpse of the concrete opportunities that lay ahead while maintaining a level of professionalism.

Let me share with you a few tips to keep in mind when trying to increase diversity of your social media profiles and leverage your online presence to help improve your business.

1. Keep an Eye on Your Picture Profile. The picture is primarily for individuals interested in developing interpersonal relations. Your first impression on virtual places like Google, Facebook, Biznik, 4Square , LinkedIn, and other social media platform, is critical. Is your profile picture shown or it’s an avatar? A diverse profile picture draws out knowledge, feelings and the understanding of the variety of human qualities that you carry. An official head shot is nice and shows people you mean business. A profile picture facilitates people to define opinions and emotions about you, such as knowledge, understanding, acceptance and behaviors. A casual head shot, taken by your partner or friend, of you (painting, gardening, walking your dog—any activity that represents you!) provides an opportunity for people to relate to you, and makes you more approachable. Using the default image (the little bird on twitter, as an example) makes most folks think that you are a SPAMER and make them move on to the next contact. AVOID pictures of unpleasant activities, pictures that are not you or doesn‘t say anything positive either. One thing to keep in mind is that your face may not be easily recognized and sometimes you may have to rethink your typical profile photo pose; this way you limit the influence of stereotypes, and show a little more respect to diversity by the different behaviors and backgrounds.

2. Share More in Your Bio. The majority of online social media sites accept a small number of words (frequently a descriptive line) to help people get to know you better. This line is your opportunity to figure yourself out; the point is to introduce yourself to the group. Imagine as if you were being called in performance to accept a prize: “John Valenzuela: Father, entrepreneur, Business owner, fitness expert.” Include a few words about your experience regarding diversity whether is education, IT training, small business development, facilitation, inclusion and more. Some of these social sites allow you to include a link to your website if you desire to do so.

3.Think Carefully about Your Posts. Post things that are important to you, that illustrate the kind of person you are, and that you think people will be interested in. Did you attend your local small business breakfast meet up yesterday? Snap a picture and upload it, have it post to Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook for example. And don’t forget to network with people who replied to your posts. Have new opportunities arisen with associates in Mexico? Without a doubt tell everyone. Heard the quote of the day? Share it. One thing you should avoid is an useless post; don’t vaguebook, complaint, or use slang, and never blatantly self-promote and/or advertize. Always focus your post on sharing content with news, opinions, analyses, comparisons, images and multimedia that can educate but mainly highlight how you are applying diversity in your business.

4. Look at Your Actions. Create a presence for yourself. Duplicate your efforts on many locales (languages) as you can. Remember to express your ideas through diverse channels and don’t fail to notice opportunities. Also be on the prowl to gather information, to interact and to be involved. Think of it as a free consumer research that you can perform an intricate activities associated to your diversity stance. Answers questions as what does it look like, sound like, and feel like to describe this section of behaviors study? and find ways to bring your network more connected. Do this with the intention to expand into new territories base on the capabilities drawn by your actions. Incorporate Multicultural activities, IT Education or technology events, with facilitation and inclusion initiatives done by you (such as meet ups, presentations, contributions). People in your online social networks are your potential consumers, so work towards presenting learning processes. Creating an opportunity to be alert of your customers’ requests before they are articulated and remaining conscious by keeping up with people are extremely important tools to build your business.

5. Educate yourself. Think and talk about the power of diversity and the ideal business you would like to fill in your head. Watch videos that relates to subjects that boost your understanding and leverage of your business. Read a random article of interest with a glimpse of a subject that you may decide to do more research on later. Comment on other people’s pod cast, blogs, boards, etc. Become well diverse by incorporating a daily half an hour of time into your scheduled and learn more about your job. Take the time to really understand why you do the things you do at work;  there are great opportunities for growth and learning even in our 7-4 pm jobs. Extract the diverse aspects of what can be applied unto your small business. Work on a puzzle or anything that requires you to practice your mental acrobatics; it allows you to remain flexible and to think out the box. Also practice memory games tricking your brain by using various ways of learning. Follow blogs that are interesting, find blogger that inspire you, and be prepare to embrace your mind with ideas and thoughts – don’t forget to act upon them. Take a class. Keep embracing the learning and do it for “fun” appreciate the fact you are taking the time to invest in yourself. Learn a new language and immerse yourself in this needed new pursuit; it will open up new frontiers and expand your business opportunities abroad. Varying your hobbies open to a diverse aspect of yourself. Create a schedule in your week to really commit to your new activities – Share your new gained abilities in many social network languages as you can.

6. Share your – and value other people’s – Experience. Allow time to show the means of diversity and express the multifaceted aspect of your career; these shape and drive opportunities. As you elaborate on your experience, remain open for those ones about development, collaboration and experiential learning which is looked upon by the majority of organizations. It’s important to be a representative of your client base, so try to recognize their needs and identify how to serve them. Get familiar with how backgrounds vary professionally, culturally, and academically; the flow and cohesiveness of your message involves a comprehensive buzz keywords that integrate the various encounters  you had to work with. In an increasingly intricate and changing world, the skill to open up to and draw diverse talent is a critical success factor. So project yourself as part of it and unleash the complete promise of diversity while making better decisions and driving  innovation. Note: Be clear about the specific benefits that diversity has brought. Diversity and inclusion are keys for strategic considerations and organizations should be trained to value and mine people first because of their knowledge and experience – every person brings diverse backgrounds and viewpoints that everyone can learn from and take advantage of for improvement.

7. Sharpen Your Skills. You already have some sort of education and sometimes you know you may need to develop a greater skill set to be eligible to perform specific duties. To gain this skill set, and stand out a little more, focus on creating a more effective profile which describes your areas of expertise. Organize the elements of this profile by listing all applicable skills based on hierarchy, groups, and levels of expertise. Remember the main intention is to remain employable. It is not easy to encompass leadership and to make a difference into enhancing people lives, yet your contribution on diversity greatly benefit the organization. Takes into account your different needs and abilities and demonstrates your awareness of Equal Opportunities and Diversity issues you gained throughout your experience. Express the capacity to work in multidisciplinary teams in diverse, and/or sometimes complex, sociocultural and geographic environments. Reiterate your capacity to learn from others about diverse sociocultural environments – in where accepted practices and solutions may be different of those you are familiar with.

YOU ARE YOUR BRAND and, definitely, you’re the key person who represent your company and the responsible for defining the look you want to project. Embrace diversity with a profile that can help you expose yourself and business in the right way and to appeals a wider market.