In summer of 2019 , BizDiversity worked with a group of representatives to conceive of the idea for an Enterprise Welcoming Group from the Seattle Business Education Hub, BizDiversity, Communities Rise, the India Association of Western WA, Upwardly Global, and Eastside For All to explore partnerships for the development of a physical “Enterprise Welcome Center.”  In 2020 we added KCLS, Ventures Nonprofit, the Muslim Community Network Association and some additional members.

Due to COVID-19, the visioning process for a physical center is on hold, but the partnerships continue to promote local economic equity and advancement focused on the needs and strengths of immigrants and communities of color. We identify joint advocacy opportunities to impact local government policies and practices related to equitable economic development.

Within our communities, we promote networking, resources, and the knowledge required to build successful careers, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. We co-host events and share information to our respective communities. We explore joint funding opportunities that strengthen local infrastructure and amplify community based innovation.

Rooted in Welcoming Economies principles, we’re committed to ensuring equitable access to resources and true economic empowerment for communities. We do this by: 

(1) Practicing an anti-racist and intercultural framework that centers the experiences, needs, and strengths of BIPOC and immigrant communities that have traditionally been economically and socially disenfranchised 

(2) Advocating for equitable policies, practices, and investments that strengthen opportunities for economic advancement

(3) Prioritizing authentic relationships that benefit all of us professionally and personally

(4) Promoting models for equitable and transformative economic development that center the needs and solutions of our communities of color and immigrant populations.