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We are an online community of multicultural businesses, promoting each member’s success.

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Get traction for your business – Seattle

We are supporting those with a dream to be a business owner to be given an opportunity to do so. Through growth, determination, skill, and networking this is possible for everyone!!

For those looking to start a business who do not have an idea yet, or just want to come, we are starting a “Lunch and Learn” series where we feed you lunch and you get to learn about a topic of interest for starting a business.

Don’t miss out this event with great business advisers and a chance to network with other liked minded people this June 7th, 2016 at 12pm-1pm (look for room W401)

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Who we are

We are an online community of multi-lingual and multi-cultural businesses promoting the ideals of diversity and inclusion. We provide tools and services to our members to help them grow.

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a-gift-for-you-business-rewardsAt BizDiversity we are working intelligently to serve our members with resources and activities that represent their uniqueness in this diverse global marketplace. We promote the inclusion of business owners from different industries and cultures to be supportive, and get support from other, members in our community.

BD helps you host webinars and special events designed for learning, networking and building relationships with professionals and small business owners in diverse industries.

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